CENF Transported at the Christmas Fair

The Forum had a stall at the Crouch End Festival Christmas Fair recently, and had a fine day, meeting and engaging with very many visitors, from Crouch End and around. Our theme for the day was Transport, inspired in part by the recent petition in favour of the Middle Lane planters and by the news of £5.8m coming Crouch End’s way from the Mayor’s Liveable Neighbourhoods scheme. The details of how this money will be spent are yet to be determined. The object is to make Crouch End a “greener, healthier, more attractive public space” and we are promised “Our proposals for Crouch End are at a very early stage and we will be consulting with residents about how ideas will work and progress.

So alongside the traditional lametta and baubles we had the equally traditional coloured post-its and asked our visitors to tell us the one thing they would change about transport in Crouch End. The picture shows the actual post-its, and this list has been roughly classified to identify the main areas of concern, identified on this one occasion. Please do add your comments to the foot of the page, in support of, or even disagreement with, any of the points made.

buses – hth development is a joke – demand for buses in the morning will double
buses – more buses please
buses – more cross borough bus services
buses – need more w7 buses especially if HTH changes go ahead
buses – raised tables just before stops are dangerous as people on bus are standing and falling
improve cycling – be aware of the transport of autistic students at kestrel house school – danger crossing a cycle path
improve cycling – provide a drag lift to help cyclists up hills
improve cycling -more cycle friendly
mprove cycling – segregated cycle routes
Muswell hill junction – install a roundabout at the foot of muswell hill, junction with park road and priory road
Muswell hill junction – safety / more simplicity for muswell hill / priory road / park road junction
no change is needed
Park Road pavements are too narrow
Parking – more public parking spaces
parking topsfield parade – less parking on tottenham lane / crouch end broadway
parking topsfield parade – no parking outside Beam
parking topsfield parade – remove parking on at least one side of tottenham lane to prevent accidents and traffic as buses get stuck quite often
parking topsfield parade – stop 2 sided parking on main roads (e.g. topsfield) as it stops buses getting through
pedestrian crossing – A crossing over wolseley road for children going to HWS
pedestrian crossing – another pedestrian crossing in the middle of tottenham lane to prevent people being hit / run over
pedestrian crossing – give a quicker response on the pedestrian lights outside the co-op
pedestrian crossing – Park Road bus stops are not near a crossing
pedestrian crossing – pedestrian crossings near a junction are dangerous, cf hornsey end of middle lane
reduce traffic – elder avenue should be one way
reduce traffic – less traffic on park road
reduce traffic – one traffic free day a week in crouch end
reduce traffic – fewer cars using crouch end as a through route
reduce traffic – remove humps and traffic from Hornsey Lane
rent – m bazell – run my business from home because of high rents
speed – Small speed cameras with average speed check
uber – sorry! no more uber!!


  1. Mark Afford

    An interesting list, with solid observations about transport shortcomings in Crouch End.

    I’m drawn to the complaints about the section of Tottenham Lane between Elder Avenue and the clocktower. It’s clear that at weekends when parking is allowed along both sides it creates problems with traffic flow – especially buses. We’re also told TfL are thinking about cycle priorities here too, while on the other hand the local businesses will undoubtedly argue in favour of retaining parking spots (Crouch End shopping centre is woefully equipped with car parks, Muswell Hill has two with spaces for 90+ cars, we have one with 20 spaces).

    A problem alright – but maybe an opportunity too? Topsfield and Broadway Parades are significant heritage assets but look to be underperforming, falling short of their potential as a draw for the town centre. Indeed, the retail units here attract very high rents and rates, but the footfall doesn’t quite match up (hence a surfeit of charity shops, and a higher churn rate). So, perhaps the opportunity is this – if the road loses some parking, but pavements can be widened making a more pleasant shopping experience, everyone can win?

    Furthermore, if a way can be found to fund improvements to the heritage shopfronts, then perhaps footfall will increase further (is there an argument for locally listing the parades too – although they are protected by the Conservation Area). Heritage asset + wide pavements (cafes?) + traffic calming = improved economy?


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