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On 28th September 2015 we applied to Haringey for formal recognition, as this is the first requirement to develop Neighbourhood Plan. So in line with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations, we submitted two applications, one for the proposed Neighbourhood Area and another for the proposed Neighbourhood Forum.

Since then the Planning, Regeneration and Development team at the Council has been revising our applications, and carried out a public consultation on these from the 19th October to the 27th November 2015. The outcome of this work, and our application documents, have been drawn into a Report for the Cabinet to discuss on 15th December 2015 when the Cabinet will make a decision to designate or refuse our applications. This Report is item 17 of the Council’s Cabinet Papers, and for ease we have extracted the relevant pages  for our website. We have also summarised the main points of this Report below:

  • Officers are satisfied that our applications meet the minimum requirements set out in the regulations, and are recommending the Cabinet to designate our proposed Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area. There were a total of 14 responses to the Council’s public consultation with the majority expressing support for the designation of the Area and Forum.
  • There were three objections from two local residents – two in relation to the proposed Area boundary, and one in relation to the representative nature, purpose and role of the prospective Forum. The Council’s response to all three is that our proposal is sufficiently justified, and have provided objectors with additional information on the process to ensure a full understanding.
  • There was also a comment seeking clarity on two points of our proposed draft constitution, one in relation to membership and another to voting. Officers have noted this and, if designated, will recommend us to amend accordingly for clarity.
  • Historic England advised that, if designated, our Neighbourhood Plan shall take into consideration a small section of the existing Crouch End Conservation Area that extends outside our proposed boundary to ensure that “the conservation area policies are operated in a consistent manner”. This small section is part of the Highgate Neighbourhood Area, and is the reason why it was not encompassed in our boundary proposal, as regulations do not allow Neighbourhood Areas to overlap. So officers recommend that, if designated, our future Neighbourhood Plan “must take into account cross-neighbourhood area issues, and consult with Historic England on conservation issues when relevant”.
  • Natural England and Sports England made no comments to the application but will offer general guidance and advice if we are designated.
  • Equality Officers assessed our engagement process in arriving to our proposals against the requirements set out in Neighbourhood Planning Regulations and against the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement. They are satisfied that we have met the requirements and made every effort to engage with different sections of the community and from across the proposed area. If designated, the Council will advise on consultation requirements throughout the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Under these considerations of the Report the Cabinet will be meeting on 15th December 2015 at 18:30 to discuss the designation of our proposed Neighbhourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area – item 17 on the Agenda. The meeting can be watched live (or at a later date) from the Council’s Webcasts Page .   Note that on this page you can enter your email to be updated on the webcast. There are also technical guidelines for viewing webcasts for both PC and Mac users.



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