W7 – London’s most popular bus*

Reading this on a W7? Chances are you have someone else’s armpit in the way.

With full credit to the Diamond Geezer website from which the following is quoted, we learn that, once again, the W7 is the most jam-packed bus in London – and guess what’s at number three…

London’s ten most crowded bus routes (2017/18)

1)  W7  Finsbury Park – Muswell Hill (11 passengers per km)
2)  507  Victoria – Waterloo (9.1)
3)  41  Archway – Tottenham Hale (9.0)
4)  69  Canning Town – Walthamstow (8.9)
5)  330  Canning Town – Forest Gate (8.7)
6)  104  Stratford -Manor Park (8.7)
7)  29  Trafalgar Square – Wood Green (8.5)
8)  58  East Ham – Walthamstow (8.5)
9)  109  Brixton – Croydon (8.3)
10) 149  London Bridge – Edmonton Green (8.2)

We note the W7 is well out in front.

This Top 10 is determined by dividing the number of passengers by the number of km travelled to get a number of passengers per km. There are over 700 bus routes in London, and most carry 2-5 passengers per km. The TfL spreadsheet data was published a couple of weeks ago and is available as a download here. The data is for April 2017 to March 2018. 

Of course when you get off you’re at one of the busiest tube stations outside zone 1 (Finsbury Park is beaten only by Stratford and Canary Wharf, which are designed to take the numbers), and if you do make it down to the platforms, guess which underground line is the most crowded in London? Yep, the Victoria Line with 15.1 persons per mile (a full 50% higher than any other line).

Welcome to the Crouch End commute.


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(photo image, eddiefarra)


  1. Adrian Essex

    II saw that line of buses from a passing 91. I’m sure there was a very good reason for it.. This is a very good photograph.

  2. Daniel Hackett

    But Could the W7 slow down a bit to save fuel and hence pollution? Even better be replaced by latest electric hybrid technology which might be cleaner

    1. Mikki Leigh

      I don’t think current fully-electric double deckers could do the hills involved. Single deckers might be able to do it, but you’d need a lot of buses for the route!


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