We’re gonna get lit up when Haringey fixes the problem

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It is surprising how much pious claptrap you can find about problems on the internet, just take a look at these images. Let’s hope I don’t make the same mistake. Here we address problems which might be solved by the London Borough of Haringey in its role as the guardian of all things public realm. I’ve pasted in a few links from the LBH website below, to give examples (recycling effort number 1).

This came up at Neighbourhood Forum meeting because the lights inside the clock on the clock tower had stopped working.

Reporting Problems

There’s an app and the reporting system via MyAccount. When you set about making a report a map opens up and you click on the place where the problem exists. The system then shows you other reports near that spot, as in this picture.

Clock Tower problems

Clock Tower problems

And just a spot more recycling – this app has been around for ages – here’s a piece on a local website from 4 years ago.

Clear up rate

I’m not sure. After the Neighbourhood Forum meeting a week ago two of us reported the Clock Tower problem. In both cases the report is marked as closed. I believe the clock tower’s internal lights still don’t work, but it is now covered in festive fairy lights.

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  1. Paul Soper

    I reported a tree stump which contractors left in Weston Park -about 6″ tall it was a trip hazard and at night was hidden in shadow – contacted almost immediately and two days later the stump was gone and the site level. For once Haringey done good – but I’m still curious why the tree, apparently healthy, had to go in the first place…


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